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This business was started in 1980 and has been family owned and operated since. Business was conducted much differently back then. Sales were usually made by a trusted handshake. In the early 80s, without the benefits of technology and new equipment, there were grueling tasks to make this business grow every day. Our ability to resource local stone meant buying vacant land and working long hours by physically harvesting the stone to create stock piles that started on Walt’s front lawn at his home in Blairstown, N.J. As the years went on, the stock piles grew, and so did the knowledge, equipment, and inventory.

Today our location resides on 4 acres of land, and our inventory has exceeded those few stock piles from the beginning. There are thousands of tons of stone and over 150 different types inventoried here. Having such a large inventory supply on location significantly reduces the turnaround time on outsourced quarried products to conveniently benefit our customers.

Our ability, resources, and equipment have expanded and moved forward with today’s expectations. We have access today to buy and sell as far as the West Coast as well as overseas.

In addition to our huge on-site inventory and display of stone products, we have the knowledge and experience in building and landscaping stone resources to accommodate most customers’ design or project goals.

We also provide specialty cuttings and custom stone ordering capabilities to extend the full range of our product offerings.

We recently expanded and updated the front of our building displays. Newly added veneer panels, stone pathways, stair tread displays, and heavy steps are now available to view during and after business hours. We feel this is a necessity to better serve those customers who work late and travel a great distance that cannot be here during our operating hours. It is also there for customers to better observe and understand the appearance characteristics and options offered by the different types of building and landscaping stones.

We have also created a new and extensive photo gallery of stone products (accessed through “Stone Products” in the menu bar above) for your perusal.

Please feel free to call us if you have any questions or visit our showroom at any time during our business hours for guidance and assistance with your needs.


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